Powering Up! with Anne Doyle

Stilettos & Sneakers - Bridging the Baby Boomer/Millennial Gap

December 10, 2018

Imagine eavesdropping on an intriguing conversation as two, professionally-accomplished and thoughtful Baby Boomers face off with two impatient and ambitious Millennials! That's our podcast this week as Anne and Monica talk with the creators of Stilettos and Sneakers, a new, inter-generational initiative to create strategic conversations and tactics for three very different generations of female High-Achievers in the workplace today (Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Millennials) to stop sniping and start supporting one another to leverage their collective power.  Florida lawyer Janice Zarro brings the "stiletto perspective; her grandniece, Nicole Spiotta, an athlete about to earn her Master's in Sports Administration adds the "sneakers POV."


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