Powering Up! with Anne Doyle

Explosive Growth of Girls & Women’s Hockey — Fiona and Rodney Daniels

September 24, 2018

Fiona_Hockey_Pic_2.jpgOne of the fastest growing sports in the world is Girls and Women’s Hockey!  In 1990, when the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) first recognized it, there were only 6,300 registered players. Today, there over 75,000 females of multiple generations lacing up, hitting the ice and earning respect. The U.S. women’s team just won Olympic Gold and successfully fought USA hockey for financial investments to grow the sport.  Listen to 7 ½ year-old Fiona Daniels explain what hockey means to her and how millennial hockey coach Monica Doyle found her sports passion and you’ll begin to understand why Title IX has been a gift that keeps on giving to girls. Guests:  Fiona Daniels and her father, Rodney. Co-host: Monica Doyle.

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