Conversation with Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Entrepreneur Annette Compo

January 23, 2022

With  medical marijuana now allowed in 36 U.S. states, recreational use legal in 18 and CBD products appearing everywhere from gas stations to health store grocery shelves, Cannabis is now an $18 billion market and growing fast.  But what should we know about marijuana and the multitude of CBD products, for everything from insomnia to pain relief, before dipping our toes in these new waters -- whether for health or a relaxing alternative to alcohol? Annette Compo, President & Founder of the Care by Design Market family of marijuana-related businesses, and a grower, a developer of CBD products and a wholesale and retail distributor of Michigan-grown cannabis, pulls back the curtain on the mysteries, wellness potential and rapid mindset changes around a potent plant that has sent thousands to prison.  


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